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Decoration News

Snapshots from the dreamy home of a ceramicist

Godmorgon! Do you remember the delicate ceramic wreath in Daniela\'s beautiful North Germany house, featured on Friday" It\'s made by French artisan a...
26-04-2017 16:06

Holly's beautiful sitting room make-over

Hej hej! One of my favourite interior designers, Holly Marder, is doing up her house in Delft, Holland bit by bit and I\'m glued to her blog Avenue Li...
25-04-2017 16:06

A Swedish home in calming green

Hello! Monday" Again" It really has been a case of - Friday *blink* Monday"! The entire weekend has been a bit of a blur except for a wonderful picnic...
24-04-2017 16:06

A home with pretty pastels and inspiring details

Is there no end to the talent on Instagram" A few minutes scroll last night turned into an hour long session as I went from inspiring feed, to inspiri...
21-04-2017 16:05

Snapshots from Claudi and Tiger's lovely Berlin home

Tjoohoo! It\'s a beautiful day here in Malmö (hey, I\'ll take anything other than snow right now!). Yesterday I had such a fun day filming with German...
20-04-2017 16:06

A charming Swedish home in white, wood and ochre

Sometimes the most simple schemes can be the most beautiful. Like in this space. A relatively titchy (44 m2 / 473 f2) Swedish apartment where white wa...
19-04-2017 16:06

My new book: The Scandinavian Home

Today is a very exciting day here at home .... my new book has officially launched (*does a little dance*)! It\'s been a year or so in the making - h...
18-04-2017 16:07

Have a lovely Easter!

A little note to say I hope you have a relaxing time over Easter! I\'ll be taking a couple of days off with my family and and look forward to catching...
15-04-2017 16:06

Traditional meets new Nordic in a beautiful Swedish home

Hey there! I hope you\'ve got some fun (and relaxing) things lined up over the Easter holidays"! I couldn\'t resist sharing one final home tour before...
13-04-2017 16:07

Exclusive 20% discount at Absolut Art!

Exciting news guys! Absolut Art for the passed year with fabulous prints such as Girl and Window and Blue Water Dots (note: only four left of the latt...
13-04-2017 16:07

Five beautifully simple Easter DIY ideas

With Easter fast approaching (yikes!) I\'ve been scanning the web for some cute (yet simple) DIY craft ideas. I\'ve narrowed it down to four beautiful...
12-04-2017 16:12

Rocking the 'greige' in a Swedish apartment

Wake-up it\'s a beautiful morning.... at least it feels like it inside this Swedish apartment.  Decorated from head to toe in this season\'s interior...
11-04-2017 16:15

The cheerful home / studio of a Finnish visual artist

Tjena! Hur är läget"! I got back from Milan late last night after a fab few days wondering around Salone del Mobile, various design quarters (includin...
10-04-2017 16:05

My spring office update

Hello there. I love this time of the year - all the leaves unfurling on the trees, the fresh spring colours appearing in the shops and a wonderful abu...
08-04-2017 16:05

My friend Louise's home in a converted school

Earlier this week I went to visit my Danish friend Louise who lives in the most fantastic house in the village of Remmarlövs in the heart of the Skåne...
08-04-2017 16:05

A monochrome Swedish pad with a soft touch

Hi de hi campers! I have to say, I\'ve been more than a little optimistic with my time lately - and with a flying trip to Salone del Mobile in Milan o...
06-04-2017 16:05

Win an exclusive limited edition, framed 'Palm Print' from A

Oh, have I got an a-ma-zing give-away for you! Absolut Art for the passed year with some of his beautiful photography including Girl and Window and B...
05-04-2017 16:06

Singing the bedroom blues

Heeejsan! It\'s way past mid-morning but I can\'t seem to shake that tired feeling (despite the copious amounts of double strength coffee of course). ...
05-04-2017 16:06

Creative work space inspiration from Studio Hear Hear

Hello, how are you today" This afternoon I\'ve been invited for a fika at a local creative studio here in Malmö. I love going as not only are the girl...
04-04-2017 16:05

A fresh and light-filled Swedish pad

Hej hej! How was your weekend"! We had a lovely, relaxing time at the summer cottage - except for an hour or two following a burst pipe. I did learn a...
03-04-2017 16:05

A Swedish apartment in cool, calm, icy tones

I do love a Friday! But isn\'t it just so hard to concentrate"! It doesn\'t help that it\'s turning into a beautiful spring day outside and the birds ...
31-03-2017 16:05

A charming family home in the Finnish countryside

Hej heeej! I have such a beautiful, charming family home to share with you today. Located in the small town of Jacobstad (or \'Pietarsaari\') in Ostro...
30-03-2017 16:04

A creative Helsinki home with a cheerful & relaxed vibe

As you know (I think I\'ve been harping on about it ever since - sorry!), I finally got to visit Helsinki for teh first time last summer. And it excee...
29-03-2017 16:05

Step inside the charming home of a Swede living in Italy

It\'s so much fun to see the home of a Scandinavian expat. Last week we took a tour of a Swede\'s colourful home in Brooklyn, New York. And today I th...
28-03-2017 16:06

A happy and relaxed boho family home

Hello there! I hope you\'re having a great start to the week"! I thought we could kick off with the delightful, light-filled family home of Chloe Broo...
27-03-2017 16:06

A little linen loving

Linen. Where would be without this beautiful fabric" Made from the fibers of the flax plant, not only does it look beautiful just the way it is (no i...
25-03-2017 16:06

A fab Danish home with a Moroccan twist

Godmorgon! It\'s Friday! Woop! I\'m always super slow on Fridays, how about you"! I think I\'m a secret \'four day weeker\' except my mind hasn\'t tol...
24-03-2017 16:06

My new window nook / reading corner!

We\'ve got a window nook in our open plan dining room area and it\'s been home to everything from a drinks trolley, The Scandinavian Home...
23-03-2017 16:06

An elegant Malmö home in calming green

Tjoho! As you know, I\'m very proud of my home city of Malmö (see my city guide here!) and I always feel a flutter of excitement when a beautiful home...
22-03-2017 16:05

The happy Brooklyn home of a Swedish expat

We step inside Swedish homes almost on a daily basis here on My Scandinavian Home blog - but what about when a Swede lives abroad" It would be hard to...
21-03-2017 16:06

A calm grey Swedish space with a hint of blue

Hej heeej! How are you today" Did you have a nice weekend" I\'m feeling super relaxed after a visit to the sea optional - BRRRRR!) - the Swedish South...
20-03-2017 16:05

Get 15% off at THE POSTER CLUB!

Heads up! There\'s a new poster in town. Two actually! Following up on the great success with their Abstract construction and THE POSTER CLUB collecti...
18-03-2017 16:06

The idyllic Swedish summer cottage

When it comes to March and the first real warm days of the year, I dare to dream of long, carefree summer days. Freshly baked bread (by my man - after...
17-03-2017 16:05

The 'Green Home Book': inspiration for plant lovers

One of the trends I love right now is \'urban jungle\' or the idea of filling your home with plants. Greenery is said to have many positive benefits i...
16-03-2017 16:06

A Swedish oasis with a warm and inviting touch

Minimalism, they say, \' is not the lack of something, but the perfect amount of something.\' Even so, it requires a magic touch to evoke that warm an...
15-03-2017 16:05

The beautiful Stockholm home of Amelia Widell

Tja, läget" Excitement all round in our house this morning as the very first copy ofarrived! Eeeeee! Such a wonderful moment, all the hours, days... m...
14-03-2017 16:06

An inspiring small studio full of contrast

Well hello there! I hope you had a fab weekend" We woke up to a clear blue sky and plus temperatures here in Southern Sweden - oh how long we\'d been ...
13-03-2017 16:06

Celebrating spring with a vase from be&liv

Don\'t you love spring flowers" They do make me smile. I\'m always looking for new ways to arrange them at home and so excited by my latest find: a 24...
11-03-2017 16:06

A lovely London home with pops of pastel

It\'s Friday, the sun\'s shining, if the birds had migrated back to town they\'d be singing (I\'m sure of it!)- and the weekend is on the horizon - ye...
10-03-2017 16:05

An arty Gothenburg home in rich tones and bold patterns

Hejsan allihopa! There\'s been a whole load of white going on here over the past few days so I thought it was time to indulge in something a little di...
09-03-2017 16:08

The calm, natural kitchen

I was getting a little tired of being at home this week so I\'ve re-located to a little café by the sea. They do a great porridge (have you heard of G...
08-03-2017 16:06

A beautifully serene Norwegian space

I\'ve had the pleasure of visiting Norway twice in the last six months. Both times I\'ve been truly amazed; not only is it the most beautiful country ...
07-03-2017 16:08

15% discount off an Abbott & Mosley timepiece!

One week into March and I\'m starting to feel spring could finally be in the air! Fingers crossed! I\'m feeling particularly inspired as I\'ve got lot...
07-03-2017 16:08

A magnificent white Swedish apartment

Well hello there. How was your weekend" Sunday was a big day in the My Scandinavian Home household - it was the man\'s birthday! If there\'s one thing...
06-03-2017 16:06

Putting Malmö on the map, Grafomap style

One of the best things about coming back from holiday is looking through all the post - and this time there were even a few packages! Just before I le...
04-03-2017 16:06

The beautiful white farmhouse of an interior designer

It\'s funny, you\'d think that seeing all these homes in luxurious, deep tones right now I\'d be ready to get the paint brush out, but looking at the ...
03-03-2017 16:06

The dreamy home a Danish writer

Goddag! I often think about people who \'split their time\' between two places - more often than not both are fabulous and evoke serious life envy (in...
02-03-2017 16:08

My Residence: an elegant Danish home

The beauty of jet lag is that you wake up a little earlier than normal without a double strength coffee - giving you a whole morning to rock about in...
01-03-2017 16:07

The beautiful, nature inspired home of a ceramicist

Hejsan, hejsan! Sorry for the silence, I\'ve just returned from 10 truly wonderful days in Kerala, India. My grandparents (and Mother) lived in India ...
28-02-2017 16:06

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