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Decoration News

The relaxed Danish home of Line Stützer

Oh have I got a lovely home to share with you today! This beautiful, relaxed Danish home belongs to Line Stützer, a service designer at Hello Group, h...
20-09-2017 16:08

Trend: Pink's Big Comeback

Pink has slowly but surely sneaked up on us and created its big comeback this year. Thankfully we are talking about a new range of pink: the shades th...
20-09-2017 16:08

Getting creative with BOEN hardwood flooring!

If there\'s one thing synonymous with a Scandinavian home it\'s wood flooring, right"! And in a region where beautiful forests reign supreme, the Scan...
19-09-2017 16:08

A tour of my kitchen!

Why, hello there! I hope you\'ve had a great weekend" I\'ve been thinking back to May when a team from GRUNDIG K!TCHN Mag paid me a visit here in Malm...
18-09-2017 16:08

How to introduce subtle colours into your home

You know how sometimes you meet someone just by chance and you\'re not sure how you haven\'t met before" Tina Lekeberg is one of those people. Our pat...
15-09-2017 16:07

A Danish home full of vintage finds

Hej hej! How are you today" It\'s my penultimate day here in Hesinki and I have to say I\'m going to be sad to leave - I love the Finnish capital! hav...
14-09-2017 16:09

This Modern Loft in Berlin Could Be Yours

Hello! I am so happy to be in Helsinki for ...
13-09-2017 16:09

Old meets new in a beautiful Finnish home

Feeling super excited this morning as I\'m off to Helsinki this afternoon for Finland\'s largest design fair - Instagram stories for updates!). This c...
12-09-2017 16:09

A Swedish home with a hint of Autumn

Well hello there! I have to confess I\'m feeling decidedly fragile this morning after a magical weekend in Stockholm  - it\'s been a while since I da...
11-09-2017 16:09

My new watch from TRIWA, Stockholm

Just occasionally the postman arrives on his bike bearing goodies. This week he delivered my new Blue Aska timepiece from TRIWA  - and I have to admi...
09-09-2017 16:08

An inspiring home where two worlds meet

There are so many inspiring people out there, doing wonderful things. One of them is Manon Hanssen Meyering.  Manon describes herself as a \'mother, ...
08-09-2017 16:09

A lovely Swedish home full of contrast

I do love a home full of surprises don\'t you" This lovely apartment styled by Emma Fischer for Bjurfors combines clean, white minimalism with darker ...
07-09-2017 16:09

An artist's turn-of-the-century house and studio

Morgon, morgon! How are you today" I\'ve got a busy day ahead with photoshoots! I\'m also eagerly awaiting the postman as I have a sneaking suspicion ...
06-09-2017 16:08
05-09-2017 16:10

My sitting room - in detail!

Do you find that you suddenly get really tired of a room (or area) in your home" I\'d been thinking about changing my sitting room for over 6 months a...
04-09-2017 16:08

A little Danish cabin in the woods

A couple of months back I paid Uri Golman and Helle Olsen a visit in their little cabin in the woods in North Zealand, Denmark. For those of you not f...
01-09-2017 16:09

Morroccan design meets Scandi-style

Touches of Moroccan design can be seen in many homes right now  - and there are some beautiful shops out there selling all kinds of wonderful, unique...
31-08-2017 16:10

Si's lovely San Francisco home

Hello! I hope you\'re having a great day" I\'m on my way to Northern Norway for an Arctic sailing trip with some girlfriends - crazy, but hopefully lo...
30-08-2017 16:09

Snapshots from a beautiful Swedish family home

I always find it incredible just how many beautiful feeds there are on Instagram and over on her blog at The Happy Hill (lovely name for a shop!). It\...
29-08-2017 16:11

Small space inspiration from a Swedish home

Why hello there! I hope you\'ve had a great week" I\'ve just arrived home, and it\'s sooooo nice to be back (take a sneak peak at the results of the p...
25-08-2017 16:08

Workspace envy: Studio Slow

Gooood morning! I\'m flying back to Sweden today after an incredible few days on set in Upstate New York. I\'m so happy with the results (you can catc...
24-08-2017 16:08

A beautiful Stockholm space in white and brown

Is there an exact piece of furniture you\'ve been hunting down for years but never quite found"! I can\'t tell you how long I\'ve been looking for a b...
23-08-2017 16:10

A beautiful, relaxed Swedish country home

Hej hej! Its my second day here in the Hudson Valley - and all going well (promise I\'ll be able to reveal all soon!). It\'s such a beautiful part of ...
22-08-2017 16:08

My 'Lagom' book available to pre-order in US!

Popping in with a rare Sunday post as I have some super exciting news to share.... my new book Lagom: (not too little, not too much) The Swedish Art o...
21-08-2017 16:10

Lovely greens and blues in a Swedish space

Well, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend" I\'m writing from a sunny Hudson Valley this morning - it\'ll be my home for a few days since I\'m ...
21-08-2017 16:10

My sitting room refresh with Bemz

I\'m super excited to reveal my new sitting room today. It\'s been a long time in the making since I simply couldn\'t decide which sofa to go for: I\'...
18-08-2017 16:09

Bohemian touch in a magnificent Berlin apartment

Have you ever been to Berlin" Or perhaps you\'re lucky enough to live there" I\'ve visited a few times over the past few years and it\'s fast become o...
17-08-2017 16:08

A Swedish home with striking contrasts

Heeeeejsan! A certain someone in our house is turning 9 tomorrow and we take birthday\'s very seriously, after all you only turn 9 once right"!  In b...
16-08-2017 16:08

Sleek and rustic in a Sydney bachelor pad

G\'day! When I went to bed last night there was a howling gale outside, the wind was whipping the Baltic sea into a frenzy and rattling at our windows...
15-08-2017 16:09

A light and soothing small Swedish home

God morgon! How are you today"! Due to a super exciting make-over and photo shoot in my sitting room over the weekend (look out for the reveal later t...
14-08-2017 16:08

Step inside the 'New Darlings' Phoenix home

There are some homes which are destined to be featured on a Friday  - simply because they\'re the kind of joint you\'d love to hang out at (or at lea...
12-08-2017 16:08

A small Swedish space in creams and milky whites

Well hello there. Is it just me or is this week flying by"! In case you need to put time on hold for a minute or two - stop the clock, put your feet u...
10-08-2017 16:07

A vintage inspired Silver Lake home

Hej hej! Are you ready for a little boho-vintage love today" LA interior designer, Kaitlin McHugh, her musician boyfriend Brendan Hines, their cat and...
09-08-2017 16:07

A Swedish apartment in soft white and grey hues

When you move house, do you look for something in need of a large-scale renovation, a space that simply needs a lick of paint, or a property completel...
08-08-2017 16:04

A delightful family home in Stockholm

Well hello! As Monday mornings go, this has to be one of my better ones. I\'m working from my sisters terrace which has the most incredible vistas ove...
07-08-2017 16:05

My dream boudoir!

Baths in the bedroom. Some people love them, some people loathe them. Which camp are you in" If you fall into the latter camp, perhaps this lovely bed...
04-08-2017 16:07

Classic meets contemporary in a Stockholm home

Hej hej! I\'m back at my desk after the holidays, the rain\'s coming down in sheets outside and there\'s something kind of nice and cosy about it. Plu...
03-08-2017 16:06

A striking Malmo pad with attitude!

We\'re heading home today after our sail around the Pomerania coast in the Baltic - we\'ve had such a brilliant time! But as the Swedes say borta bra ...
02-08-2017 16:04

My new book!

This year I\'ve been tinkering away behind the scenes on a new book. And now it\'s finally time to reveal a little more about it! So exciting! While m...
01-08-2017 16:05

Styling a small space, the Swedish way

It\'s been a while since I\'ve shown a home from Scandinavia - which feels pretty strange, given the alias of my blog! Since we\'re now back safe and ...
01-08-2017 16:05

Cosy meets contemporary in a Rotterdam home

Why hello Monday! I hope you\'ve had a great weekend" We\'re slowly snaking our way home across the Baltic sea to Malmö via Denmark after our sailing ...
31-07-2017 16:07

A fascinating, small studio where interests dictate

Hej hej! You know that feeling when you know your computer is about to die but you can\'t be bothered to move nearer the power socket" Well, I\'m on b...
28-07-2017 16:06

My kitchen update: HONK trolley

We were so lucky to have plenty of cupboard storage in our kitchen when we moved in. But sometimes I feel open storage is pretty handy too - plus I lo...
27-07-2017 16:06

A cosy 1920's storybook home in Oakland Hills

Tjoho! So it\'s official. Blue sofa\'s are trending, and aren\'t they fab" They always remind me of my parents house (my parents have had a pair of bl...
26-07-2017 16:06

New interior book: Feelings of Imperfection

Although I like to turn to blogs and instagram for inspiration, there\'s always a time and place for interior books. There\'s something wonderful abou...
25-07-2017 16:07

A vintage-inspired family home in rural belgium

Hejsan hejsan! We\'ve taken to the high seas (actually they\'re not that high- the Baltic sea is beautifully calm today) and heading to the island of ...
24-07-2017 16:06

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